About Us

We currently have 3 methods of search to help you find the information or the product(s) your are looking for. This page will explain each search option and what they do.
Product Search (Top Right-hand corner underneath the mini-cart).
This search option will search all the products for the entered term and is best used when searching for a product. For example, if you was looking for a Elbow, you could enter the term 'elbow' and click 'Search' or press Enter and the site will list all the products the contain the term 'elbow'.
Another reason to use this search would be if you know the Stock Reference and/or the Quick Find of the product your looking for. Entering this here would list the product(s) that matched or the nearest matches the system finds.
Google Site Search (Top of the Homepage).
This search option searches the entire site for the entered search terms. This includes the product pages, informational pages and so forth. This is ideal of your looking for specific information about zx55.com, our policies etc or any of our products. Please note that the search results are displayed in an overlay and any results clicked on will open in a new Tab or Window. 
Bearing Search (Top of Homepage and bearings Category Page).
As the name suggests, this allows you to search our extensive range of Bearings. Allowing you to search for your desired bearing by Reference or Size. 
If you know the reference for the bearing(s) you are looking for, you can enter this into the Reference field and the search facility will list all bearings that match the full reference or those bearing where the reference contains the search term/text.
You can also search for a bearing by  defining the size properties of the bearing your looking for. With the ability to enter the Outer and/or Inner Diameter and the width of the bearing, the search facility will then list all bearing that match the entered properties. The search facility also allows you to set a tolerance figure for each of the size properties giving you a much better chance of the finding your bearing, this will list the nearest matches to within x mm/inch.
You can also determine whether the properties entered are in MM or INCHES.
Entering both the Reference and size properties will limit the list to those with a matching reference or part of, and within the size properties entered.